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Range Day for First Time Shooter

We have all been new shooters before and the first time at the range (indoor) for a new shooter can be quite an experience. The environment, the sights, sounds, everyone walking around with guns, big guns, little guns we have all had to start from somewhere. Some things that new shooters may be thinking about are how loud the gun is and the recoil of the gun. As an instructor, my approach to this is to start a range session off using my SIRT laser trainer pistol just to go over the fundamentals of shooting and safety again and to also get the student relaxed and focusing and that. When it is time to start the live fire, I ALWAYS start off with a .22 caliber pistol. This helps the student get a feel for the recoil without the kick of a bigger round like a 9mm or something bigger. Once the student can get over the fear and the anticipation of the recoil, they can better focus on the things that are going to get them on target and having those tight groups that I look for. When they have gotten comfortable with the .22 and I feel they are ready I will move on to the 9mm. Continuing to focus on the fundamentals the recoil of the 9mm will be a shock at first but the more they shoot and see that the same fundamentals apply to bigger calibers and with time the anticipation will lessen.

There is a lot of new shooters out there now and as an instructor, it is my job to give them the training, they need to properly handle a firearm safely and effectively. I also want them to hit the target constantly and with confidence. I know what it was like shooting for the first time and with good training and practice, I got better and better. The fundamentals of the shooting never change you have to practice them to get better. Keep Training and Stay Safe.

Things to remember:

1. Safety First

2. It will be loud

3. You will get better over time

4. Dress appropriately

5. Relax and have fun


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Twana James
Twana James
24. Feb. 2021

Great info!

Gefällt mir
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