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LFT: Unloaded - Dry Fire

Dry firing with your pistol can be a valuable training tool for several reasons:

1. Trigger Control: It helps improve trigger control by allowing you to practice smooth, controlled trigger pulls without the distraction of live ammunition.

2. Sight Alignment: Dry firing helps you maintain proper sight alignment and sight picture, enhancing your accuracy.

3. Muscle Memory: It can build muscle memory for drawing and presenting your firearm, which is crucial for self-defense situations.

4. Practice Safety: Dry firing allows you to practice firearm safety without the risks associated with live ammunition. Ensure the gun is unloaded and follow all safety rules.

5. Malfunction Drills: You can practice clearing malfunctions and immediate action drills safely.

6. Cost-Effective: It's an inexpensive way to practice shooting techniques and improve your skills without the need for live ammo.

Remember to always follow firearm safety protocols and ensure the pistol is unloaded when dry firing. Check your firearm's manual to ensure it can be safely dry fired, as some models may require snap caps or other precautions to prevent damage.



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