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Level II

Keeping with my goal of 1 in-person class a month I had Defensive Pistol Level II with Silver Eagle Group. Level one focused on drawing from the holster, marksmanship, clearing malfunctions, shooting at different distances, and reloads. Level II was intense. Shooting and moving, shooting from cover, barriers, how to use cover, adverse angles, high stress, gun malfunction, and a few extra skills. After taking level 1 I made an effort to practice what I was taught on a regular and that practice paid off. My reloads were smooth and accuracy was pretty good. This class showed me new skills and I will continue to practice them and add them to my training. The instructors had a very diverse background and I really appreciate that. At some parts, I felt like I was back in boot camp lol. It was awesome. I highly suggest making this type of training a part of your mission to be a prepared and responsible gun owner. Always be a student.


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Christine DC
Christine DC
Aug 22, 2021

Congratulations. You are an amazing instructor and an inspiration.

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