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Do you have to hit the bullseye every time?

When you are new to shooting, learning the fundamentals is key. Once you understand and practice the fundamentals, you can begin to expand and build on your firearms training. When you move from marksmanship (the skill of shooting) to self-defense style of shooting (using a firearm to protect oneself) you will better understand that hitting the bullseye on a target is not that important in a self-defense shooting. There is not going to be a big “X” in the middle of the bad guy that is trying to hurt you. What you want is consistent shot placement. I tell people I train that I do not care if you are not hitting the “X” with every shot, what I want to see is a tight group of shots. That means if you shoot 5 shots at the target it does not look like a shotgun blast. It's 5 shots in a fist-size group. When you have consistent shots in a group, even if they are not on the “x”, you understand the fundamentals of being consistent. All we must do now is make small adjustments (trigger control) to ensure you are hitting where you want.




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